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      With years of experience in appraisals, valuations, and equipment sales, the knowledgeable staff at Highland Machinery & Crane is fully equipped to perform your next appraisal. All of the resources that go into the daily valuating of equipment for purchase or sale are coupled with additional industry contacts and value-tracking software to provide the most accurate appraisal report possible. Please view our Appraisals page for more information.


      Obtaining the highest dollar amount from the sale of your company�s assets is best achieved through an orderly liquidation. If you are not being forced to sell immediately, Highland Machinery & Crane can work with you to organize an efficient sale over several months. This allows maximum exposure of your items and creates the highest interest for the purchase of those items on the open market. Please call at any time to learn about how we handle the process, or to discuss a liquidation of your assets.


      Highland Machinery & Crane is always looking to buy surplus overhead cranes and industrial equipment. Whether you have an unused item sitting in the back of your building, or are replacing an existing one, call us. We�re interested in buying anything you have to offer.

Consignment Sales

      Get more money for your cranes and equipment by consigning the item through Highland Machinery & Crane. We will research, advertise, field calls, and send quotes for your machine or crane just as if we owned it ourselves. Plus, you get to use the equipment in your shop up until the day it sells. If you still need top dollar, but are flat out of space, we can store your item in our facility to make the sale.


      Looking for equipment? Highland Machinery & Crane maintains a full and diverse inventory of machine tools and crane packages. And if we don�t have the item here, Highland has the resources to find any machine you need. We have invested in the most current locator and directory services and data management software to keep in touch with the entire industry. These tools allow us to not only find machines, but also to perform in-depth research ensuring that the item�s specifications and capabilities will match your application.

Clean & Paint

      For items that pass through our warehouse (storage, stored consignment sales, etc), Highland Machinery & Crane can offer cleaning and painting services. Click on the following links to view some Before & After photos. Rates are on a per hour basis.

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Electrical Services

      Highland Machinery & Crane utilizes some of the area�s best equipment troubleshooters to get pesky machines operational. Since everything we sell must be in working order before it goes out the door, we have a very high success rate with solving electrical issues. These services are offered in-house, on a per hour basis.

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