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About Highland Machinery & Crane
Highland Machinery & Crane is a nation-wide reseller of used overhead bridge cranes and crane support systems. Our experience in the crane business covers cranes of all types and sizes, from 2 Ton x 10� span underslung cranes to 80 Ton x 100� Span top runners, and runway systems of 1000� and longer. Highland Machinery uses all in-house personnel throughout the entire process, ensuring thorough inspections, fair offers, prompt payment, and safe and timely removals.
Immediate Cash Payment
The process begins with an inspection of the crane(s) for sale. Once a price is negotiated with the seller, Highland Machinery & Crane will provide immediate payment, in full, with certified funds. Our goal is to get the seller the capital it needs, without causing worries about when they�ll hear from us next. We also pay commissions to brokers or anyone who helps to locate items for sale.
The Removal Process
Once payment is received, Highland Machinery & Crane works closely with the seller to establish a timeframe for removal. We understand that most sellers want to act quickly, and so do we! Since we use our own crew for the removal, we can tightly control the deadline to ensure that the entire crane or crane system is removed by the desired date. We also take great care of your building - all columns and tie-backs are cut clean, newly loosened pipe and conduit are re-secured, and the walls/insulation and floor are left dent-free. Highland Machinery & Crane is sensitive to the fact that most buildings will be re-marketed at some point, and want the seller to be comfortable with the entire process.
More Info
More information regarding the full range of services offered by Highland Machinery can be seen on our website at https://www.highlandmachinery.com

Be sure to check out our Project Gallery to view pictures and info about our past removal projects.

Crane Removals

Highland Machinery & Crane is one of the nation�s leading providers of overhead crane removal services. With over 350 cranes and 74,000 lineal feet of rail/runway removed to date, the team at Highland has gained the experience and expertise to complete even the most challenging removals in a safe and timely manner.

Each job is unique, and Highland Machinery and Crane prides itself on determining the exact requirements for each one. Past projects have ranged from pre-demolition removals where the surroundings were no factor to full-line in-plant shutdowns where timing and caution to existing cranes and machinery was crucial.

For a quote on your removal project, please contact our staff at 269-926-9600.

Be sure to check out our Project Gallery to view pictures and info about our past removal projects.