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Crane Purchasing/ Removal
Many used overhead cranes need at least some modification to fit into their new home. Highland Machinery & Crane provides re-spanning services so that your crane is ready to install the moment it arrives.
Variable frequency drives and radio controls are inexpensive ways to upgrade a crane�s performance and safety. Smooth acceleration/deceleration keeps the load steady, while touchpad controls allow you to set different speed profiles to suit your application. Installation and testing can all be performed at Highland prior to shipping.
Bridge Lift
Gain more lift height from a used crane by installing end truck spacers. Highland Machinery & Crane makes custom spacers to ensure the maximum usability of your crane.
Clean & Paint
Overhead cranes are nearly impossible to clean and paint in the air, but a newly painted crane does wonders for the look of a facility. Highland Machinery & Crane provides cleaning and painting services so that your used crane can be installed with new-crane appeal.